Going to the Deep End

Swimming 08 11 14 (16) Swimming 08 11 14 (28) Swimming 08 11 14 (54)With a swimming adventure under our belts, it was a given that this needed to happen again. But, this time we agreed to challenge our purpose and to deepen our intention of this wonderful activity. Some returning residents of the ‘HPCC Swim Team’ demonstrated how safe and fun this was to a few new inductees; with some peer-driven encouragement, a few residents who just minutes before were proclaiming a fear of water, were proving to themselves the benefits of water therapy upon their aching joints and sore muscles. As the swelling went down, the joy increased in it’s place as evidenced by the smiles and youthful exuberance. Involvement from families was the special ingredient needed to make this another memorable event. As witnessed by the expressions of the participants, it was difficult to distinguish who were blood relatives and who are fortunate enough to call these incredible people family.

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